ELK 2013

ELK is the name of Europe's largest convention for Cactus and Succulent lovers. It is held at Blankenberge in Belgium and the event features over a hundred sellers of cactus and succulent plants. The sellers come from all over Europe, including countries as far away as Spain and the Czech Republic and Poland. Several UK sellers also attend.

The event lasts for three days (Friday to Sunday) and it attracts visitors from all over Europe and further afield. During the event, there are also talks and lectures given by various speakers.

These are pictures I took when I visited in 2013 and they give you an idea of the event and the type of plants that are available.

This is the second of the sales areas. This was taken in the evening when supper was being served, so there weren't too many people around.

A mix of succulents small and large.

This was the largest cactus at the event - the hand in the background gives some idea of the size!

Some very nice and lush plants on offer from this seller.

Some sizeable plants here.

Go on Stuart - you can afford it! The corms in the front are Cyclamen.

Slightly out of focus, but two types of Echinocactus grusonii with unusual spination.

An impressive selection of cacti.

More cacti - astrophytums and lophocereus.

A variety of plants.

A selection of young agave plants.

Another selection of plants starting at 2 euros.

Similar to last year, pots of lithops for 3.50 euros or 3 for 10 euros.

A selection of the plants that I bought. I think this lot cost 80-90 Euros.

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