BCSS National Show 2016

The BCSS's National Show is usually held every 4 years. It represents a chance to see some of the best cacti and succulents being grown in the UK.
These are a selection of pictures taken at the 2016 show. Click on the thumbnails to view larger images.

Rebutia "Apricot Ice"
Sulcorebutia taratensis
Sulcorebutia arenacea

Rebutia / Sulcorebutia
2 x sulcorebutia
Pterocactus tuberosus

Tephrocactus geometricus
Cumulopuntia boliviana
Austocylindropuntia lagopus, Tephrocactus bonnieae
Tephrocactus geometricus, Tephrocactus bonnieae

Cristate Mammillaria
Cristate Mammillaria
Cristate Ariocarpus retusus
Mammillaria candida

Agave "Kissho Kan"/"Kichiokan"
Agave victoria reginae
Agave toumeyana bella
Mangave "Bloodspot"

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